Ying Yang Collection – Look 1

Models: Rita Vidal, Madalena Lopes, Maria Beatriz, Dinis Ramos Hair: Le Figaro Team Gianni Bach, Luís Ramos, Lurdes Ramos, Cristina MakeUp Artist: Gianni Bach Art Direccion: Gianni Bach Photography: Andre Santos

This collection symbolizes the dark and luminous aspect of things; the terrestrial aspect and the celestial aspect; the negative and the positive; the feminine and the masculine are never totally opposed, since between them there is always a time of transformation that allows continuity.

Each being, object or thought has a complement and a dualism on which it depends for its existence. They are inseparable. The universe only advances or retreats according to its alternation.

There is no one without the other, nothing exists in itself without having its opposite but without, at the same time, merging with it.

Furthermore, any idea can be seen as its opposite when viewed from another point of view. In this sense, categorization would be for convenience only. These two forces are the generating principle of all things, from where they arise and where they are destined.